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VdS Cyber Security – die Bausteine – das Kommunikationspaket für die VdS Cyber Security Lösungen

The Cyber Security Communication Package

For VdS Schadenverhütung GmbH, CRENEO implemented a cross-media communication package for the new Cyber Security product packages. Designed to be flexible enough to meet individual company requirements. So comprehensive and precise to be as well equipped as possible against progressive attacks in the area of...

DKV – Brand of the Century

DKV — Brand of the century

Together with brands such as Tempo, Aspirin and Fön, DKV was named Brand of the Century at the end of 2018. To mark the occasion, CRENEO was commissioned to develop a special display....

Wesselmann Interface Design App Registration

Interface Design for Wesselmann

As a first step, CRENEO revised the complete corporate design for Wesselmann Werbung. The brand colour Wesselmann orange was optimised and basic design parameters such as secondary colours, typography, iconography and images were fixed. On the basis of these factors, the interface design for a...

Dominic Quambusch Corporate Design Business Stationery Business Cards

Reduced and concise brand design

For the photographer and videographer Dominic Quambusch we were commissioned to develop a new brand design. The task was to develop a reduced and concise appearance that would not distract from the customer's work due to its reduction but would also support its strong characteristics....