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New Corporate Website of the WKS Group

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New Corporate Website of the WKS Group


The WKS Group is one of the first addresses for web offset printing in German-speaking Europe. High-quality web offset printing with a very high volume is the principal activity of the company.



CRENEO was hired to do the redesign of the WKS corporate website. Providing the content in multiple languages (DE, EN, NL) and easier future maintenance on the customer’s side were prerequisites during the new development.


The guiding principle of the new WKS corporate website is a simpler, clearer design, which is also focused on the corporate content.


After a careful analysis, the main navigation was simplified and made more precise. This way, the areas “company”, “service”, “environment”, “news”, and “career” come into even clearer focus for the user. The respective subcategories are divided below them and can now be directly controlled by interaction.


The existing WKS production process film was newly cut and charged at a typographic level with concise image messages, then staged as a lead story on the stage of the start page. Also in the direct field of vision of the user are three teaser boxes, which can be played individually and provide direct entry to the topic area.


To support the information, a balanced amount of visually unified and simplified animation runs through all subpages.


At the same time, an independent, striking, modern iconography concept was developed and implemented on the basis of the abstracted shaping of paper rolls.


Large and excitingly presented lead pictures, which are taken from the results of a photo shoot done specifically for the web presence, flank the respective subpages and, therefore, create an appropriate introduction to the depth of the respective company topic.


The new corporate identity is designed in a way that more new content can comfortably be integrated within the website grid in the future.



“The goal of our company group was a new, modern, and clearly structured web presence. The team around CRENEO perfectly understood and implemented this. At the same time, an optimal basis was created to integrate future scalable content. We are more than satisfied with the result.”
Christian Schade, Sales Management, WKS Group




Concept development
UX design
Stop-motion film
Photo shoot
Icon development
Backend training



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