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DKV — Brand of the century

DKV Euro Service

DKV — Brand of the century


Together with brands such as Tempo, Aspirin and Fön, DKV was named “Brand of the Century” at the end of 2018. On this occasion, CRENEO was commissioned to develop a special display. After CRENEO had worked out several concept/design directions in the first step, the customer decided on a purely typographical solution in order to pay the greatest possible attention to the core element of the brand — the DKV fuel card.


Furthermore, a key visual was created, which is used as an advertisement in the European market and also in other communication channels, such as trade fair appearances. Here the unlimited availability of the DKV service portfolio was worked out. The strong use of DKV’s corporate colour and the focus on the brand’s core product resulted in a tidy, concise and attention-grabbing appearance.



DKV Euro Service has been one of the leading service providers for commercial goods and passenger transport on Europe’s roads for over 80 years. DKV offers a wide range of services for cost optimisation and fleet management, from cashless fuel supply on the road and toll invoicing to VAT refunds and vehicle services. With more than 80,000 cross-brand acceptance points throughout Europe, the company is the market leader and offers the largest supply network in the industry.





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