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Enjoying With all the Senses

Fünfsinne Flyer
Titelseite des Fünfsinne Flyers
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Enjoying With all the Senses


Fünfsinne is a retail company from Düsseldorf that sells numerous feel-good products. This includes:
◊ selected teas
◊ natural personal care products
◊ calming sounds
◊ stimulating smells
◊ inspiration for the eyes



For the company Fünfsinne, CRENEO developed an extensive corporate design. The basis for this was the development of a positioning core message, which is used as a claim at the same time.


“Enjoying with all the senses”


A feather acts as a concise figurative mark. This stands for relaxation, ease, and deceleration. This way, a direct connection to the diverse product range of the company is created. Red, a muted orange, and black were selected as the corporate colors. The following characteristics stand for these colors: energy, love, passion, warmth, well-being, value.


The result is a sum of design features, which result in a high-end look. Besides the word-image-brand, the office fixtures, the store branding, and the website were developed and designed.



Brand development
Claim development
Corporate design
Brand communication
Branding measures
Web design


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