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Linear Design

Logistic And More
Mini Broschüre "Reisepass für Waren"
Mini Broschüre "Reisepass für Waren"
Mini Broschüre "Reisepass für Waren"
Mini Broschüre "Reisepass für Waren"

Linear Design


Logistic and More GmbH is a service company based in Düsseldorf. It offers complex, complete logistical solutions.



CRENEO was hired to do an extensive brand relaunch. Besides the new development of the corporate design, the logo adjustment, the redesign, and various other internal and external communication tasks, this also included the concept and design of an image brochure.


The visual solution approach is a linear graphical style, which conveys a high-value impression through the reduced color selection, and can be used very flexibly.


Linear transport routes.
Linear logistics.
Linear design.


Extensive images were created, in which the part containing one of the logistical core competencies of Logistic and More is always colored in blue. In combination with naming international places in the headline, the global business idea of the company is incorporated at the same time.


The result is a new, visually simplified corporate visual language, which can be used for many communication tasks, very flexibly, and is cost-effective in its development at the same time. Coupled with the consistent use of the corporate colors, a modern and contemporary corporate identity is formed.



Concept development
Brand consulting
Corporate design
Office fixtures
External communication



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