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Logo for an Iconic Brand of German ice Hockey

Kölner Haie
Kölner Haie Logo auf Puck
Eingangsbereich Kölner Haie Zentrale
Kölner Haie Logo auf Trikot
Logo Evolution

Logo for an Iconic Brand of German ice Hockey


Kölner Haie is a Cologne hockey club that was founded in 1972. The club is among the founding members of the German Ice Hockey League (DEL). Since 1973, the Haie have played in the top German ice hockey division without interruption and have been German Champions eight times during that time.



An extensive rework of the corporate design followed. The word-image-brand of the iconic brand was completely redesigned in this process. A font whose character resembles college fonts of North America served as a basis.


The font was modified and individualized. At the same time, a simplification and purification of the figurative mark followed. The result is a compact and, at the same time, striking new word-image-brand, which is being used to this day.



Brand communication
Logo development
Corporate design
Branding measures


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