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More Than Design — a Project From the Heart.

Kinderpalliativ Netzwerk Nordrhein
IconSet and ColorScheme

More Than Design — a Project From the Heart.


Competent palliative care of terminally ill children and youths can only work in a multi-professional setting. For this purpose, Kinderpalliativ Netzwerk Nordrhein was founded under the leadership of Dr. Gisela Janssen. The network covers the regions of Lower Rhine, Rhine-Ruhr, and Bergisches Land. By linking different providers and bundling offers and informational overviews of regional care options, individual care of local families can be further optimized.



Within the scope of a pro-bono project, CRENEO is developing and realizing a new look for Kinderpalliativ Netzwerk Nordrhein. The logo, color world, image world, iconography, and typography now follow a uniform and modern visual language.


After a careful analysis of the segment, a new word-image-brand was created, which is now available in two variations. There is an advertised and an abbreviated version. At the same time, the figurative mark acts as a visual platform for the newly developed iconography concept. This is being used on the new website.


The focused and symbolical imagery transports the sensitive subject matters in a subtle way. In the many illustrations, a ship appears at irregular intervals. This acts as a stylistic element for the transition between life and death. At the same time, the illustrations form a bridge to the palliative team logos developed by sick children. The simplified and strong line of the illustrations achieves a high level of visual independence.


The web presence is kept simple and has a lot of white space. In relevant places, minimal animations support the information intake and act as focus points. The content is unevenly distributed on the viewable spaces, thereby breaking the monotony of a rigid pattern. Apart from the desktop view, additional layout versions were developed and designed for other devices.


The current web presence serves as a basis and more content will be added in the near future. Among other things, an additional section with the target group focus “doctors/professional institutions” is being planned.


Special thanks go to Helke Rah for her support in general and specifically for her excellent illustrations.



“Thanks to the commitment and expertise of the CRENEO team, we received a modern and thought-out new look. Shortly after, the reactions of the affected families, employees, and supervisors were already positive. The structured web presence enables fast and clear information intake. Individual interest groups can therefore be helped even better now.”
Dr. Gisela Janßen, Overall Management Kinderpalliativ Netzwerk Nordrhein




Concept development
Corporate design
Logo development
UX design
Icon development
Backend training



→ MUSE Creative Awards 2018
CREATIVITY International Awards 2018
German Design Award 2019



→ Kinderpalliativ Netzwerk Nordrhein


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