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Flexible Packaging Design

Tecxus Europe
tecxus Europe Verpackungsdesign
tecxus Europe Verpackungsdesign
tecxus Europe Verpackungsdesign / Pattern Rebellight

Flexible Packaging Design


Tecxus Europe considers itself a branded company, which makes it easier for their customers to buy batteries, chargers, and flashlights, that meet the highest quality standards. The brand belongs to the Braunschweig family business Wentronic, which has been operating as a distributor for electronic accessories for more than 20 years and sells the extensive product range to wholesalers, mail-order companies, and online retailers, as well as industry customers worldwide.



CRENEO was hired to create a redesign for diverse packages of a product line by Tecxus Europe GmbH.


After a careful analysis of the competitors and the existing packages of the customer, CRENEO developed a pattern, which represents a stylistic flashlight/battery as the smallest unit. From this, a flexible pattern system was created, which adjusts to the shape of the respective product packaging. By distortion and simultaneous partial blurring, a dynamic background was created, which meets the needs of the energy-charged product range. Furthermore, the product categorization/system was unified and optimized.


In addition, the graphic elements of the packaging were overworked and unified within the product families. The result is a tidy and simultaneously flexible packaging design, which visually staples the entire product line.


Besides the packaging design, other brand communication solutions were created, such as, e.g. a product catalogue, diverse branding measures, or the optimization of the corporate design.



Packaging concept
Packaging design
Pattern design
Icon development
Product photography
Product catalogue
Corporate design optimization


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