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The corona portal for entrepreneurs and the self-employed

Reith Leisle Gabor Lawyers

The corona portal for entrepreneurs and the self-employed


The Covid-19 pandemic is causing companies, the self-employed and individual traders financial distress that threatens their livelihoods. What rights do entrepreneurs have in these fragile times? To mitigate the economic consequences of the Covid-19 pandemic, the portal bundles information on coronavirus and compensation claims for entrepreneurs in search of advice.



The law firm Reith Leisle Gabor specialises in the core areas of property and company succession as well as commercial and corporate law and, as a law firm and notary public, advises national and international clients, in particular on company acquisitions and sales, inheritance law, employment law, as well as on private and commercial real estate law. These services are performed by more than 60 staff members at their Stuttgart offices.



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