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The new Generali information sheet concept

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Generali Unterlagenkonzept Frontseite
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Generali Unterlagenkonzept
Generali Unterlagenkonzept

The new Generali information sheet concept


Following a call for tender, CRENEO comprehensively re-designed the documentation in the second half of 2017. The core task was to establish the basic tonality as well as a new and consistent visual language throughout.
Based on a comprehensive micro and macro analysis, CRENEO developed the new tonality for the communication media and also, among other things, three different visual languages. Furthermore, it was necessary to ensure that the comprehensive Generali product range was represented within the new modular system. An internal survey coupled with external market research among the target group led to the final decision regarding the visualisation for contact with customers.
The aim of the new documentation concept is to provide a compact overview of the most important product information and advantages. In the interest of customers, only the clear benefits and added value will be presented in a short and concise manner. As with a checklist, the customer will be given a general overview of the product/product bundle and the related range of services. ROPO-customers (ROPO = Research Online, Purchase Offline) tend to find all other information online.
This new approach takes account of current customer behaviour. ROPO-customers more and more often gain their first impression of the product range online, before seeing a consultant as a second step. As a result of the new consumer behaviour, printed communication media no longer has the same significance as it did in the past.
Consultants are able to use the print material as a guideline for their sales conversation, while keeping it on the table for the customer to refer to. This process is then rounded off with the consultation app.




In Germany, Generali is the second largest primary insurance group on the German market and part of the international Generali Group, an important player in the global insurance industry. The German part of Generali includes Generali Versicherungen, AachenMünchener, CosmosDirekt, Central Krankenversicherung, ADVOCARD Rechtsschutzversicherung, Deutsche Bausparkasse Badenia, and Dialog. Generali Versicherungen is among Germany’s largest primary insurers.






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