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Brand Design for AachenMünchener

Fahnendesign an der Hauptniederlassung in Aachen
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MarkenPortal der AachenMünchener
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Brand Design for AachenMünchener


AachenMünchener Lebensversicherung AG/Versicherung AG is a member of the Generali Germany Group, the second largest primary insurance group on the German market.



CRENEO is developing the word-image-brand of AachenMünchener and the corresponding corporate design. These guidelines are additionally provided in an online brand portal, which CRENEO conceptualized, designed, and programmed. Within the scope of the cooperation, other projects were also realized. This includes numerous internal and external communication solutions.


Project example 1:
Within the scope of the new construction of the AachenMünchener directorate, CRENEO was hired to design a blowup and several construction fence banners. The construction project includes the new construction of three building sections, which are connected to each other and to the connection level known as the Boulevard, as well as a solo building. In cooperation with the customer and the architecture firm kadawittfeldarchitektur, various computer-generated views of the new directorate were selected as a theme basis. They convey an idea of the extent of the new buildings around the AachenMünchener square and give first insights into the very successful architectural details.


Project example 2:
CRENEO accompanied the AachenMünchener insurance company during the campaign “learning from the best”. The goal of this campaign was to learn from exemplary services and from other service companies. What do companies do to convey a special experience or experience world to customers? What is an exemplary service from the customer’s point of view? And what can AachenMünchener adopt? All employees of the directorate were asked to describe situations they went through from their own professional or private environment. The submissions received were graphically processed by CRENEO and presented over a length of 58 meters on the boulevard of the directorate building in Aachen. In addition, the content of the exhibition was summarized in a 124-page-book and internally published, meaning provided to the employees.



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