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A New Colorful Look

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A New Colorful Look


En Famille International organizes month-long mutual stays abroad for children and youths in families and supervises the children and families throughout the entire exchange period.



Logo: the illustrated snail as a figurative mark stems from the founding period (1980) of the organization and was radically simplified within the scope of the redesign. The snail shell now symbolizes a small “e”, which stands for the initial letter of En Famille. The colorfulness of the logo varies and therefore underlines the diversity of the individual exchange programs and the related target regions. Through the rounded corners, the typography takes up the design vocabulary of the figurative mark and gives the logo a certain playful look without seeming too playful.


Website: the website is built in four languages and equipped with an extensive content management system in the backend. Via a personalized editing area, new content can constantly be updated on the customer’s side.


In the head of the respective site categories, colorful collages were created. In the past, all depicted children and youths have also been participants in the exchange program organized by En Famille International. The collages were complemented by illustrated and prominent buildings or symbols from the respective participating countries. The result is an emotional, modern, and colorful look.



Brand consulting
Logo development
Corporate design
Web design
Advertising material
External communication


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