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Interface Design for Wesselmann

Wesselmann Werbung

Interface Design for Wesselmann


As a first step, CRENEO revised the complete corporate design for Wesselmann Werbung. The brand colour Wesselmann orange was optimised and basic design parameters such as secondary colours, typography, iconography and images were fixed. On the basis of these factors, the interface design for a customer app was conceived and implemented as the first visible work. The user experience and the associated usability were tested extensively. A special logo was developed especially for this tool, which is based on the corporate word-picture brand also redesigned by CRENEO.
Further tasks were e.g. first applications in the form of event brandings or business equipment.



The company Wesselmann Werbung (Die Wesselmänner) is the eponym of the large mobile areas in Germany. After the successful start in Bochum and the bordering cities, the mobile large surface developed to the meanwhile most important medium in the election campaign. If it concerns party-spreading advertisement for Bundestag or federal state parliament elections concerns, Wesselmann advertisement is for decades in the entire Federal Republic of Germany the first address.



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