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The Brand Portal of Generali Germany

Generali BrandFactory / Responsive Darstellung
Generali BrandFactory / Anmelde- und Startseite (geschlossener Bereich)
Generali BrandFactory / Exemplarische Unterseiten
Generali Deutschland Konzernanker

The Brand Portal of Generali Germany


In Germany, Generali is the second largest primary insurance group on the German market and part of the international Generali Group, an important player in the global insurance industry. The German part of Generali includes Generali Versicherungen, AachenMünchener, CosmosDirekt, Central Krankenversicherung, ADVOCARD Rechtsschutzversicherung, Deutsche Bausparkasse Badenia, and Dialog. Generali Versicherungen is among Germany’s largest primary insurers.



In 2015, an extensive redesign took place at Assicurazioni Generali worldwide under the lead of the brand consulting and design agency “Landor”. Generali Germany was also affected by this as a group company. CRENEO accompanied this extensive process in Germany over the course of several months and implemented the new corporate design standards and developed custom-fit solutions for not-yet-defined design areas. Leading up to the brand redesign, many questions came up on the company’s side during the implementation of the new design rules. Such as:


How is the design concept transferred to the company Generali Investments Germany?


Is there a compressed information source with all significant guidelines of the new corporate design, which gives the external service provider/employee a quick overview?


How is the affiliation between the Generali Germany Group and the individual corporation brands that do not use the Generali logo visually and verbally illustrated?


Together with the customer, CRENEO worked out the respective solutions for these and other questions in small subprojects.


Furthermore, CRENEO conceptualized, designed, and programmed a lean brand portal, in which all brand information is available in a bundle. Quick access simplifies the targeted selection of content that is often searched for. Via a specially developed CMS system, the content can easily be updated and modified. Service providers and employees can sign up for the closed area and receive access to the entire corporate design manual of Generali Germany, including all other corporation brands, can download data sets, such as the respective company logos, or can be informed about basic renewals/expansions in relation to the brand design.



Concept development
Web design
CMS system
Portal expansion and maintenance
Corporate design
Corporate design manual
Corporate design consulting
Logo development


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