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Development of an Umbrella Brand Plus Sub-Brands

R+ MediGruppe
Corporate Design Manual
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Geschäftsausstattung R+ MediTransport
Geschäftsausstattung R+ MediGrupp
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Development of an Umbrella Brand Plus Sub-Brands


Since 1982, the R+ MediGroup has been an experienced partner for doctors, hospitals, clinics, and care facilities in qualified patient transport. R+ MediTransport is licensed for qualified patient transport, transport of handicapped people, as well as rental car rides, which can also be performed with buses. R+ MediTransport has the appropriate permits in four districts of South Lower Saxony, including the district towns.



Together with the customer, CRENEO is developing an umbrella brand plus sub-brands and the related brand system. The core of the web presence is the R+ figurative mark. The “R” is derived from the entrepreneurial family Reinhold. On the one hand, the integrated plus sign indicates the diverse offer, and on the other hand, it cites the health sector, in which the company operates. In addition to the changing sub-brand names, a visual separation between the business units is made with the help of clear color coding.


At the same time, the figurative mark form acts as a secondary brand element for all other communication measures within the umbrella brand and its sub-brands. Among other things, it serves as a carrier for information in image and text form and can be applied flexibly. The R+ corporate design was documented in an extensive manual. Based on the new corporate identity, extensive branding tasks and diverse internal and external communication solutions were worked out. This includes orientation systems, vehicle fleets, brochures/flyers in the B-to-B and B-to-C area, advertisements, mailings, info cards, etc.


The result is a highly flexible look, which provides a creative answer for any eventuality.



Concept development
Umbrella/sub-brand development
Brand system
Corporate design
Corporate design manual
Brand communication
Internal/external communication
Orientation systems


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