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Fünfsinne Corporate Design Business Stationery Paper Bag

Enjoying With all the Senses

For the company Fünfsinne, CRENEO developed an extensive corporate design. The basis for this was the development of a positioning core message, which is used as a claim at the same time. “Enjoying with all the senses”...

HermannSchmidt Corporate Design Business Stationery

Natural Garden Design

An entirely new brand identity was worked out for HermannSchmidt garden design. The logo was renewed and now equipped with a stylized plant, which appears to be a heart when viewed closely. The color code of the entire appearance is within a muted green color...

Tecxus Europe Packaging Design

Flexible Packaging Design

CRENEO was hired to create a redesign for diverse packages of a product line by Tecxus Europe GmbH.After a careful analysis of the competitors and the existing packages of the customer, CRENEO developed a pattern, which represents a stylistic flashlight/battery as the smallest unit. From...

Hanseatische Zahn Manufaktur Corporate Design Business Stationery

New Brand Design

CRENEO conceptualized and designed a new brand image for the Hanseatic company. In addition, CRENEO provided the company with advice for finding a new name.The derivation of the figurative mark is based on the famous landmark of the city of Lübeck, the Holstentor. The reduced...

WKS Group Editorial Design Image Brochure Photo Quality Control

Our Role: Image Creation

CRENEO conceptualized, wrote, and designed the new image brochure of the WKS Group with the goal of strengthening the image creation of the company. While designing the brochure, impressive, extensive images were placed on double pages. For this, an extensive two-day photo shoot had been...