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Corporate design

A strong corporate design is created by developing and elaborating all design elements in sum. An orchestrated symbiosis of colour, corporate fonts, imagery, iconography systems or shapes (secondary brand element) creates a unique brand design. Clearly defining and fixing design lines and stringently implementing them are a central component of a strong brand. Visual features shape the future direction and perception of your brand and create an emotional connection with your target audience. This increases the positive brand perception and leads to a sustainable success of your brand.

CRENEO has experience with corporate, organisational,non-profitas well as product brands and delivers memorable design elements that reflect the identity of your brand and fix it in concrete but at the same time with highly flexible guidelines. During implementation, we use portals, films or automated processes, for example, to ensure that the brand design is as easily accessible and applicable as possible for all relevant stakeholders. With one clear goal: to strengthen your brand.