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CRENEO strengthens your brand.

CRENEO thinks holistically
and works interdisciplinarily.

CRENEO fields of activity:
brand strategy, brand design,
and brand communication.

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/ CRENEO was founded in 2009.


/ CRENEO can look back on longstanding experience in brand support for large, medium, and small companies. 


/ CRENEO covers the entire range of classic communication, from complex corporate design solutions to digital media.

Focus Areas


/ For optimal brand management.

We advise and support you in brand development, brand management, and brand implementation.


Brand Identity / Corporate Identity

/ Brand and identity workshops
/ Brand analysis
/ Positioning
/ Strategy
/ Brand development
/ Brand classification
/ Brand architecture
/ Brand restructuring


/ For excellent brand experiences.

We design brand experiences for you, from strategic conceptualization to creative implementation ,for all channels and occasions.


Brand Design / Corporate Design

/ Logo development
/ Names and claims
/ Design guidelines and manuals
/ Office equipment
/ Iconography
/ Branding measures

Analog media

/ Books and catalogs
/ Magazines and brochures
/ Business units, environmental reports
/ Advertisements, posters, flyers, etc.
/ Packaging

Digital Media

/ Websites
/ Microsites
/ Brand portals
/ HR portals
/ Apps
/ Online shops
/ Online marketing
/ Film and motion design

Live & in the Room

/ Trade shows
/ Event communication
/ PoS
/ Interior branding
/ Orientation systems


/ For enduring brand solidification.

/ For enduring brand solidification. We sensitize you and your employees on handling brands and show how they work and how you maintain them.


Knowledge Transfer

/ Topic-relevant workshops
/ Employee training sessions
/ Implementation of new corporate designs in the company
/ Backend maintenance of brand portals, websites, etc.
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/ The expert team.

CRENEO relies on a pool of experienced specialists. For many years, the team has been successfully working together and implementing complex, integrated communication tasks based on their very wide range of experiences. They are happy to do so for you as well.


/ Customized scaling.

Depending on the project, a tailor-made team is formed for you. At the same time, we ensure an efficient workflow for you with just one contact person.


Of course, we are happy to vary or expand the respective project team by integrating or cooperating with your established partners.


/ The solution counts.

During customer service, we do not differentiate between large and medium-sized companies or small businesses. For us, it all comes down to the optimal communication solution, which we work out together for you and your brand.


/ Creativity

Latin “creare” (in English: “create”, “give birth”, “generate”, “produce”).



/ New

Ancient Greek “νέος”, “néos” (in English: “new”, “fresh”, “young”, but also “unusual”, “revolutionary”).



/ Talk to us.

You need support during your next project? We provide non-binding consultation. Put us to the test!