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App design

You want your brand to be close to your clients? Then an app is the right vehicle. In the field of mobile app (app for short) and the app design that goes with it, a distinction is made between native apps specifically for one platform (e.g. iOS or Android) and platform-independent web, hybrid and cross-platform apps. However, all approaches have something in common. They must be high-performance, have a good user experience, and enable simple interactions between humans and machines.

The process supported by CRENEO goes through three phases: a requirements phase, a concept phase and an implementation phase. During the conception phase, usability, user experience and user- centred design are essential criteria within the app design. Since interface designs contain different design requirements depending on the end device, the design must be adapted accordingly. We accompany you from the idea to the deployment of the finished app and consider all relevant aspects within this development process. Here, too, we have high standards for the designwithout losing sight of the user.