Opening of the Generali Capital Office

High quality invitation card for the opening of the Generali capital office

On November 8th, 2016, the capital office of Generali Germany was ceremoniously opened. It is located on the famous boulevard “Unter den Linden” in the “Lindencorso by Generali”. Selected guests from politics and business were invited to the opening event. CRENEO was commissioned to design a high-quality invitation card in line with the current corporate design. CRENEO developed a reduced illustration of the office building of the Berlin branch. This was printed on a 300 gsm paper. A shiny silver hot foil embossing was chosen as the finishing. A printed transparent insert acted as a save-the-date reminder. The result is a high-quality invitation card with a pleasant feel that reflects the importance of the event.

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GENERALI Hauptstadtbüro Eröffnung – Einladungskarte