Local Vibes Yoga

New brand design for Local Vibes Yoga: Luxurious travel experiences tailored for discerning customers

Travel to You GmbH recently unveiled its new brand design for its “Local Vibes Yoga” brand, which is specifically designed to convey both tranquillity and emotionality, thereby appealing to a top target group of luxury-oriented travellers. In collaboration with Düsseldorf-based design agency CRENEO, a brand design was developed that seamlessly integrates the values of harmony, balance and movement into the company’s visual identity.

The centrepiece of the rebranding is the newly designed figurative mark, which depicts the initial letters L, V and Y in a harmonious combination reminiscent of a stylised yoga pose. These changes are intended not only to strengthen the brand identity, but also to emphasise Local Vibes Yoga’s offerings, which are particularly geared towards high-priced and individualised travel experiences.

A key part of the brand strategy is the high-quality information density on the company’s website. It offers potential customers detailed descriptions of sights and accommodation that convey the travel experience in a tangible and emotional way. Thanks to a sophisticated booking system implemented on the platform of the digital travel portal “Local Vibes Yoga”, users can customise their trips and book them directly with just a few clicks.

The numerous call-to-actions on the Local Vibes Yoga website invite visitors to enter the booking process at any time and thus become part of an exclusive travel experience that is specifically tailored to their needs. With this new approach, Local Vibes Yoga aims to emphasise the luxuriousness and exclusivity of its offerings while creating a homogeneous and appealing overall image for its discerning target group.


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