150 Years Sprinkler

VdS Schadenverhütung anniversary campaign celebrates 150 years of the sprinkler: a breakthrough in firefighting

On the 150th anniversary of its invention, the sprinkler is the focus of a comprehensive anniversary campaign designed and realised by the CRENEO agency. Under the auspices of VdS Schadenverhütung, the campaign aims to raise awareness of the critical role of this ground-breaking technology in firefighting and honour the people behind this innovation.

An extensive campaign portfolio

The “Anniversary Campaign 150 Years Sprinkler” includes a diverse range of activities: a specially developed microsite, a travelling exhibition and an informative anniversary booklet. Together, these elements offer an in-depth look at the history and development of the sprinkler and its importance in today’s society.

Engaging target group approach and interactive elements

The interactive elements of the microsite and the travelling exhibition in particular have proven to be key to the success of the campaign. They not only encourage visitor engagement, but also enable them to develop a deep understanding of the history and life-saving importance of the sprinkler.

An impressive result

Thanks to the skilful combination of historical data, modern presentation and targeted public relations work, the campaign has attracted considerable attention, both online and offline. The response confirms the relevance and importance of the sprinkler in the modern world and emphasises the successful implementation of the campaign by CRENEO.

CRENEO’s “Anniversary Campaign 150 Years Sprinkler” is not only a celebration of a revolutionary invention, but also a recognition of the continued innovation in firefighting technology that saves lives and keeps us safe.


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