VdS anniversary campaign
»150 Years Sprinkler«

VdS anniversary campaign »150 Jahre Sprinkler«

Initial situation

The sprinkler celebrates its 150th anniversary – CRENEO joins in the celebrations

To mark the 150th anniversary of the invention of the sprinkler, the CRENEO agency has developed a comprehensive anniversary campaign that celebrates the history and influence of this revolutionary technology. The campaign, initiated by VdS Schadenverhütung, includes a microsite, a travelling exhibition and an anniversary booklet to illustrate the importance of sprinklers in the modern world.

Campaign logo

The campaign logo for the “150 Years of Sprinklers” anniversary campaign plays a key role in the overall visual communication of the campaign and serves as an instantly recognisable symbol for the events and publications and follows the formal guidelines of the VdS Corporate Design.

Kampagnenlogo für 150 Jahre-Sprinkler von der VdS Schadenverhütung
Abbildung von Messepaneelen der Wanderausstellung zur Jubiläumskampagne 150 Jahre Sprinkler im Raum, um den Maßstab verdeutlichen.

Travelling exhibition

The travelling exhibition was designed to physically reach a wider audience and make the importance of the sprinkler tangible. Each panel utilises visual elements from the microsite design to ensure a coherent look and feel.

The use of large images plays a central role in the visual design of the “150 Years Sprinkler” anniversary campaign. Large-format images are used on the microsite, in the travelling exhibition and in the anniversary booklet to reinforce the emotional impact of the campaign and bring the history of the sprinkler to life.

Fotografie von einem Ingenieur in einer Tiefgarage, der in der einen Hand ein Prüfgerät hält in der Jubiläumskampagne 150 Jahre Sprinkler. Mit der anderen Hand deutet er Richtung Sprinkler na der Decke.

Anniversary booklet

The anniversary booklet complements the digital and physical content of the campaign and serves as a handy reference book and memento. The booklet contains concise information on the history of the sprinkler and an overview of the technological development and its influence on society. The design is appealing and informative, with a clear structure that makes it easy to grasp information quickly.

Ein Einblick in die Innenseiten und auf das Cover vom Booklet zur Jubiläumskampagne 150 Jahre Sprinkler
Ein Einblick in die Innenseiten vom Booklet zur Jubiläumskampagne 150 Jahre Sprinkler

Aim of the campaign

The main aim of the “Anniversary campaign 150 Years Sprinkler” is to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of this technology in firefighting and everyday safety management. It will also serve to honour the technological advances and the people behind this invention.

Ein Einblick in die Innenseiten vom Booklet zur Jubiläumskampagne 150 Jahre Sprinkler
Ein Einblick in die Innenseiten vom Booklet zur Jubiläumskampagne 150 Jahre Sprinkler


The microsite serves as the digital centre of the anniversary campaign. It is designed to guide users interactively through the history of the sprinkler. The website has a contemporary, user-friendly interface with a mixture of historical images and modern graphics. Important milestones and historical contexts are central components of the site. Digital scrollytelling is realised in an outstanding way on the home page with a 3D sprinkler.


The campaign has successfully attracted the attention of a wide audience, both online and offline. The interactive elements of the microsite and travelling exhibition proved particularly effective in encouraging visitor engagement and creating a deeper understanding of the sprinkler’s history and significance.

Through the successful realisation of this multi-faceted campaign, CRENEO was able to present the story of the sprinkler in a way that was both informative and visually appealing, making a significant contribution to the celebration of the 150th anniversary of this life-saving invention.

Mockups für Tablet und Mobil Darstellung der Webseite




Travelling exhibition

VdS – 150 Years Sprinkler

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