The Stepstone Group Corporate Design

Supporting measures for establishing the new corporate design

Supporting measures for establishing the new corporate design

Initial situation

The new corporate design for one of Germany’s leading job boards

At the beginning of 2023, The Stepstone Group (TSG) was introduced as the new umbrella brand for the group’s extensive job platform product brand portfolio. A newly developed in-house corporate design accompanies the launch. CRENEO was commissioned to sharpen the already developed TSG design fundamentals and to define and implement additional visual parameters. In addition to a variety of different branding tasks, the focus was particularly on the internal communication of the Human Resources department (HR).

Brand Experience Hub

Data and facts are of great importance in order to manage a successful brand efficiently and in a targeted manner. One of the first tasks was to display these facts for the first time within the Microsoft Sharepoint-based corporate intranet in a structured, user-friendly and appealing form.

Would you like to know a few project facts? Navigation architecture from level 0 to level 4, more than 60 subpages and the systematic, automated integration of more than 85 individual studies at the time of project completion.

Our services included the development of an intuitive and easily scalable site architecture, the implementation of the new brand design within the framework of the software-specific regulations, the programming of an automated filling of new content, as well as a final staff training including a guideline handout.


Based on the new TSG iconography concept, CRENEO developed special new symbols for various HR communication measures and provided them for the internal brand database. The challenge was to find symbols for the particularly special topics and content areas. The primary development criteria within the concept were serial capability, formal uniformity, conciseness as well as individual independence.

Badge system

The next step was to design a special branding system for a variety of internal HR staff programmes. The newly developed modular system ensures distinctive recognition for a wide variety of purposes and guarantees a high degree of flexibility.

The result: uncomplicated handling. Effective control. And simple scaling.

Spring Offsite

Further measures included the visual conception and realisation of specific TSG special formats. An example of this is the Spring Offsite event.


CRENEO sharpens the new TSG branding and successfully implements and establishes it in other areas of the company.

Additional measures within the performance specification:

  1. key visual development
  2. social media branding
  3. template creation (MS-Word)
  4. design of complex presentations
  5. design of internal communication tools (certificates, mission statements, …)
  6. branding of basic give-aways
  7. branding support (hotline)


Corporate Design

Digital brand management

Branding measures

Template creation

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