The new corporate identity of FUNKE Mediengruppe

The new corporate identity of FUNKE Mediengruppe

Initial situation

In recent years, the steady growth of FUNKE Mediengruppe has led to an inconsistent brand identity within the opera-tional units.

Along with the new brand architecture to be developed, it was also necessary to revise the brand identity in terms of content and form in order to sharpen and strengthen the internal and external perception of the brand. Therefore, in the next step, the brand design was harmonised and modernised – taking into account the preservation of the existing and established brand characteristics.

Simplification through new brand architecture

Based on the FUNKE brand architecture newly developed by CRENEO, the new corporate design provides more unity within the visual language. The aim was to reduce the effort involved in creating different media and the associated cost reduction. Another aspect was the centralisation of brand management in order to counteract inconsistent handling of the brand in the future.

Fotografie – Lounge – Corporate Identity – FUNKE Mediengruppe
Illustration – Lounge – Corporate Identity – FUNKE Mediengruppe

The new visual language of FUNKE Mediengruppe – Zeitgeist meets timeless

How do you manage to give a media group with over 30 sub-brands and hundreds of product brands a uniform visual language? Quite simply: by finding the balance between contemporary and timeless design and at the same time developing a highly variable corporate design.

FUNKE Mediengruppe –Sekundaeres Markenelement – Orchestriertes Erscheinungsbild

The orchestrated brand design in application

The future visual brand perception convinces with a strong uniform design line, paired with a high degree of flexibility – in physical and digital media/channels.

The new visual identity of FUNKE Mediengruppe takes account of the aspiration to become the best media house in Germany.

Standardisation and automation

Over 6,000 employees, plus a multitude of departments and locations. In short: A well thought-out implementation strategy is needed here. Solution: A structured and orchestrated introduction of the newly defined visual brand parameters. To the implementation


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