Print lives! Conception and implementation of a new digital platform – with a focus on increased service diversity and more per-sonality.

WKS is meeting the challenges of the future with a variety of new digital products. The fusion of traditional printing services with new, sophisticated digital offerings is a core component of the strategic realignment. Increased storytell-ing, simplified scaling of the future corporate website and optimised page maintenance in the backend are further deci-sive strategic, respectively conceptual criteria. And what must not be missing from all this? Personality despite size.

9 companies. 6 locations. One visual language.

One of the central challenges of the new corporate website was the optimal integration of the newly acquired compa-nies within the group. The communication of a broad service portfolio, resulting from the know-how of the individual companies with a clear sender, was to be the goal. A well thought-out page architecture and the linking of internal cross-references was the solution.

Unity and quality in the brand experience

After the requirements profile for the new WKS website had been defined, wireframes, click dummies and the first animated processes were developed. These were used for coordination with the WKS project team and for fine-tuning the content and were the basis for the subsequent implementation phase.

The definition of intuitive action sequences and the creation of a coherent information architecture were the decisive development steps

in the WKS corporate website relaunch.


Konzeption digitalen Plattform – Strategie – Corporate Website – Interface Design – Bunter Verlauf – Balken – Gestaltungselement

Development of an individual contact filter

The steady growth of the group of companies has also increased the number of specific contact persons. Some of these contacts are active at several locations. In order to meet these and future requirements, an individual contact tool was developed and implemented exclusively for the WKS Group, which guarantees a high level of user-friendliness.

We tell moving stories with moving content.

Whether sustainable commitments, the documentation of extensive machinery or the clarification of complex process-es – moving storytelling increases attention and brings individual messages to the point more quickly.