Brand and communication work for the DKV Mobility Group

Brand and communication work for the DKV Mobility Group

DKV Mobility

From brand management to brand communication. The versatile brand and communication work for DKV Mobility.

The DKV Mobility Group is Europe’s market leader for premium services related to the enroute supply and mobility of truck and car fleets. The group’s mission is to provide efficient, digital and sustainable solutions for the mobility of today and tomorrow. CRENEO designs and implements a wide range of brand and product communication solutions to meet this claim.


Within the individual communication works, the brand’s premium claim paired with digitally driven product solutions is communicated, among other things.

DKV – Markenfuehrung – Icon – Markenarbeit – Kommunikationsarbeit

A strong brand

Together with brands such as Tempo, Aspirin or Fön, DKV was named Brand of the Century at the end of 2018. This was communicated in a striking way.

DKV – Markenfuehrung – eMobility – Plakat – Markenarbeit – Kommunikationsarbeit – Orchestrierte Kommunikation
DKV – Markenfuehrung – Mautbox Box Italia – Markenarbeit – Kommunikationsarbeit

Diverse product communication solutions

CRENEO develops various product communication solutions on a wide range of topics. The spectrum ranges from the communication of new toll systems to new billing options in the area of tolls. Europe-wide.

DKV Mobility has been one of the leading service providers for commercial goods and passenger transport for over 85 years. From cashless on-the-road fuel supply and toll billing to VAT reimbursement and vehicle services, DKV Mobility offers numerous services for cost optimisation and fleet management.


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