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The new Generali documentation concept

Following a call for tenders, CRENEO developed a comprehensive document redesign in the second half of 2017. The core of the task was to develop a tonality and to fix a new uniform visual language including a modular design system.

Based on a comprehensive micro and macro analysis, CRENEO developed the new tonality for the communication tools and presented 3 different visual languages, among others. Furthermore, it had to be ensured that the extensive Generali product diversity could be represented within the new modular system. Through an internal company survey and an external target group MaFo, a final decision was made regarding the visualisation and the customer approach.

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Generali in Germany is the second largest primary insurance group in the German market and part of the international Generali Group, a major player in the global insurance industry.

The aim of the new concept of documentation is to generate a condensation of the essential product infor-mation/advantages. In the interest of the customer, only the absolute advantages and added values are communicated here. This is done in a short, crisp and concise manner. Similar to a checklist, this document provides the customer with a global overview of the product/product bundle and the associated range of services. The ROPO (Research Online, Purchase Offline) customer obtains all further information online.

This takes into account the new customer behaviour. More and more often, ROPO customers get an initial overview of the product variety online and then visit an advisor only as a second step. Thus, printed communication media no longer have the same significance as in the past due to the new user behaviour. For the intermediary, agent or broker, this printed document also serves as a guide for the sales talk, which is in hap-tic form on the table. The whole thing is flanked by its advisory app.

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Genrali AGIL – Generali’s holistic approach to process optimisation, management and development.

Whether work organisation, work quantity control, long-term or short-term capacity planning: with AGIL, the holistic “information lever”, you can reliably steer your business success in the future.

CRENEO conceived and designed a brochure for this purpose, which explains the advantages of the individual process models in a simple way.

The guiding idea developed by CRENEO is the sailing world. This has been presented in an extremely simplified way to deliberately simplify the complexity of the AGIL approach models and to create easier access to the content.

Each of the main topics, such as process problems or complexity management, is introduced with a striking picture. This is contrasted with a factual summary of the specific process models / construction kits with the corresponding graphics / diagrams. In addition, there is a catalogue of questions and the corresponding solutions in the form of log-book entries.

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The communication solution is rounded off by a rigging box containing the brochure and a piece of sailing rope includ-ing knot instructions. This allows the employees to switch off in between and at the same time promotes regular sen-sitisation with the AGIL topic. The result is a concise and stringent communication concept that explains the holistic AGIL approach in a simple and striking way and provides support within the company for process optimisation, control and development.

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