The brand portal of Generali Deutschland

CRENEO supports Generali Deutschland in brand management and brand maintenance. In addition to fixing further guidelines, such as the use of a group anchor, all brand design parameters were bundled and implemented in a specially developed brand portal.

CRENEO accompanied this extensive process in Germany over several months and implemented the new corporate design guidelines and developed customised solutions for design areas that had not yet been defined. On the company side, many questions arose during the course of the brand redesign regarding the implementation of the new design rules.

CRENEO worked with the client in small sub-projects to develop the respective solutions to these and other questions.

How is the basic design concept applied to Generali Investments Deutschland?

Is there a central source of information with all the essential specifications of the new corporate design that allow in-ternal and external stakeholders to access?

How is the affiliation of the individual Group brands that do not use the Generali logo made clear visually and verbally to the Generali Deutschland Group?

Concept, design and programming of a brand portal

All brand information is bundled in the brand portal. Access facilitates the targeting of frequently requested content. The content can be easily updated or modified via a specially developed CMS system.

Generali – Brandfactory – Webseite – Startseite – Markenportal

Quick and broad access to the entire corporate design

Service providers and employees can register for the closed area and receive access to the complete Corporate Design Manual of Generali Deutschland including all other Group brands, can download data sets such as the respective company logos, or are informed about fundamental updates / extensions with regard to the brand design.

Generali – Brandfactory – Webseite – Unterseite – Markenportal

The corporate anchor

In order to communicate more strongly the affiliation of the individual product brands to the Group, a corporate anchor was developed in visual and verbal form and the corresponding handling of the same was documented.

In a complex corporate structure, it is indispensable to fix the handling and use of the individual visual brand parameters and to make them accessible to all stakeholders in a central place. Brand management is facilitated and the brand is stringently played out in all channels. In this way, the external brand perception of Generali is expanded and strengthened.