The clearly defined visual parameters of StepStone white papers

Additional design parameters, such as illustrations or individual icon sets, were developed within the framework of the specified corporate design guidelines. Formal guidelines for handling all design parameters within brochure formats have also been developed.

Zielgerichtetes Informationsdesign StepStone Whitepaper – Editorial Design Gehaltsreport Absolventen – Illustration Hörsaal

Illustration World

The illustration world is reduced and linear. Isometric design creates a sense of depth and basic order. Specific topics and contents can easily be transferred into a visual world. Optionally, typography is a component of the illustrations.

Chapter separator

Within chapter dividers, illustrations function as striking guiding elements and create a narrative structure in the visual form of presentation through the open approach.

Gestaltungsparameter StepStone Report – Stepstone – Editorial Design – Abbildung Hausschrift – Typografie – Frutiger Neue LT Cor
Gestaltungsparameter StepStone Report – Stepstone – Editorial Design – Abbildung Hausschrift – Typografie – Frutiger Neue LT Cor


Icons organise and condense information. They are excellent for categorising content. A variety of icon sets have been developed for the individual reports to visually communicate occupational groups, functions or locations.

01 Icons | Human Resources

02 Icons | Occupational Groups

03 Icons | Locations

Diagrams and infographics in Neumorphism Design – depth of information taken literally.

Neumorphism design as an evolutionary further development of skeuomorphic design is used within the reports as a further design element. It creates depth and structure without distracting from the essentials – the facts and figures.

Diagrams and infographics in flat design – complex content reduced and clearly communicated.

Flat design is used as another design language within diagrams and infographics. Colour, shape and individual visual translation of the information create an exciting and quick access to the individual information contents.

Information in a structured and ordered grid clusters the different contents and guides the user’s gaze in a controlled way.

For the StepStone Salary Report 2021, a cell optic was developed that functions as a flexible transport layer. Varying colour schemes, individual arrangements and different image sizes create a focussing, tidy and striking appearance.

Our requirement was to develop and implement a highly appealing information design to achieve maximum aesthetic and functional quality.

Alexander Willuweit
Managing Director / Creative Director,