Unity. Clarity. Simplicity. The new strategic brand orientation of VdS Schadenverhütung.

In recent years, the differentiated brand communication of the individual VdS business areas has led to an inconsistent brand perception. The resulting goal was the redefinition of the brand system and the subsequent guarantee of a consistent corporate design application throughout the company.

After two remains one

Two formally similar but nevertheless different brand logos have been in use on the market. This approach was revised in the course of the brand realignment. In future, VdS will only appear under the umbrella of one logo. All future communication activities will thus be assigned to a clear visual sender and thus strengthen the company’s perception in the long term.

The conception of a well thought-out brand architecture is the maxim for future vertical and horizontal brand scaling.

Alexander Willuweit
Managing Director / Creative Director,

Brand Architecture

Within the framework of the new brand architecture, the individual sub-brands function independently and formally maintain the affiliation to the umbrella brand. The typographic modification within the individual word marks creates the reference to the field of action of the company segments. For special markets, such as the Chinese market, a new brand was developed that only identifies VdS as the sender through a tagline.

Unity through alignment

Existing materials, such as pictures and symbols, are transferred into a uniform appearance.

Complex contents communicated in a moving way

Moving images tell stories. Furthermore, they offer an additional narrative space to get to the heart of complex content as quickly as possible. 

Implement automation processes

The automation of processes reduces errors, increases efficiency and promotes a positive monetary effect. In future, for example, VdS recognition logos will be generated via a specially developed online tool and made available to certified companies. A link to the VdS certification database is established via an individual QR code.