Modernisation and individualisation based on the existing corporate design of the AWO Federal Association

Initial situation

The AWO Mittelrhein is one of the largest district associations in Germany. In the course of the corporate website relaunch, the visual language was also to be modernised.

The aim was to sensitise younger target groups to what AWO Mittelrhein has to offer and at the same time activate them to become members or volunteers. As before, however, existing stakeholders should also feel addressed. Finally, all formal adjustments had to be in line with the corporate design guidelines of the federal association.

Order. Structure. Stringency.

An orderly structure through clear colour clusters of the AWO Mittelrhein departments was a central component of the careful brand design adaptation. This was accompanied by the development of an individual illustration style. However, the central aspect of the relaunch was the first stringent use of the newly defined design parameters in all communication channels.

The new visual language of AWO Mittelrhein

An independent and lively look characterises the new visual language of AWO Mittelrhein. The consistent use of primary and secondary colours within all corporate design parameters promotes the coherent and structured appearance.

Tease analogue. Digitally deepen.

In terms of sustainability, the days of annually reissued analogue image transport media are largely obsolete. Why not simply adapt the changing facts and figures within the corporate website at low cost and flank them additionally with a slim and slender analogue image medium with a long shelf life? The ecological and economic advantages provide a clear answer.
Modernisierung Corporate Design AWO – AWO Mittelrhein – Ansicht Imagefächer – Imagemedium – Ikonografie – Werte – Nachhaltigkeit


Branding concept

Corporate design




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