Implementation of supporting measures with the aim of a consistent brand presence

A new brand identity is more than just defining design parameters. It must also be integrated into everyday work and anchored in the minds of the employees. In addition to the new corporate design, further corporate identity parameters are implemented.

The FUNKE brand film

For the employees, the introduction of and adherence to a new corporate design is not always easy. In order to sup-port the FUNKE team, a brand film was conceived and produced that clearly shows all the important content-related and formal brand parameters. The aim is to create brand awareness and to initiate and promote joint action for the benefit of a strong brand.

Corporate Design Manual

The Corporate Design Manual bundles all the basic parameters of brand design in detail. It illustrates the use of the design elements, provides inspiration and also shows what does not correspond to the visual brand language in the use of the design tools. It is available digitally to the staff. It is available digitally to the staff.

FUNKE Mediengruppe – CD Manual – Implementierung – Markenauftritt

The corporate design manual is supplemented by a brand manual and a short manual.

Trade Mark Manual and Trade Mark Short Manual

In addition to basic formal aspects, the brand manual communicates the relevance of a uniform brand language and the way the entire company acts, as well as the behaviour of the employees in internal and external communication.

In addition to the extensive corporate design manual, a condensed and reduced physical and digital brand short manual version was provided for the more than 6,000 employees during the brand relaunch rollout.

Master templates

Master templates have been created for various formats. Specifications such as column and line grids, format tem-plates for fonts and paragraphs as well as different layouts simplify the creation of printed pieces.

Colour sets with import function, as well as the provision of extensive icon sets – in the common file formats – additionally facilitate the application of the new brand design.

FUNKE Mediengruppe – Corporate Identity – Templates –Implementierung – Markenauftritt

Customised presentation template

Templates for corporate presentations of the umbrella and sub-brands are made available to employees via the intra-net. With the help of Templafy©, employees receive their presentation template with the corresponding logo, URL and the specific company anchor. The result is a simplification of the workflow and the safeguarding of formal design guidelines. The result is a simplification of the workflow and the safeguarding of formal design guidelines.

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