The strategic consulting process to sharpen and optimise the FUNKE brand identity

In a strategic consulting process lasting over 18 months, CRENEO supported FUNKE Mediengruppe in sharpening and optimising its brand identity. The process began with an in-depth analysis of the diverse business areas and products. All subsidiaries and opera-tional units were recorded, categorised and compared for commonalities and/or overlaps.

3-pillar strategy

The results formed the basis for adapting, standardising and simplifying the complex brand architecture in the next step together with the FUNKE brand team and the FUNKE finance and legal department. In the future, all operational company units will be subordinated to a 3-pillar strategy.

FUNKE Mediengruppe – Corporate Identity – Markenarchitektur – Strategischer Beratungsprozess – Markenidentität – Düsseldorfer Marken- und Designagentur

The new brand architecture of FUNKE Mediengruppe

The new brand identity follows the principle of monolithic brand architecture. Everything is subordinated to a single identity. The umbrella brand is clearly and unambiguously in the foreground. A common typography, colour scheme and image tonality ensure visual harmony.

Group anchor

The newly introduced group anchor creates orientation and cohesion in the diversified offerings and products of FUNKE Mediengruppe and sustainably strengthens the umbrella brand. The use of the group anchor was regulated for all companies, sub-brands and product brands of FUNKE Me-diengruppe. It clarifies the affiliation to the parent group in external perception and communication.

The group anchor is used in analogue as well as digital media and channels in the respective variant intended for this purpose.

FUNKE Mediengruppe – Strategie – Konzernanker – Illustration – Klemmbrett – Strategischer Beratungsprozess – Markenidentität
FUNKE Mediengruppe – Strategie – Konzernanker – Submarken – Strategischer Beratungsprozess – Markenidentität

Group anchor sub-brands

FUNKE Mediengruppe – Strategie – Konzernanker – Produktmarke – Strategischer Beratungsprozess – Markenidentität

Group anchor product brands

One identity. One visual unity.

The goal is to strengthen the feeling of togetherness of all operational units within the Group. With the help of the new corporate design, the “we” feeling is additionally supported. All employees are given access to the corporate values – in addition to other identity-forming parameters – through a brand manual. In the future, #WirsindFUNKE will be a central guiding principle that will successfully accompany the company and all its employees into the future.
FUNKE Mediengruppe – Strategie – Illustration – Zeche Essen – Strategischer Beratungsprozess – Markenidentität