The informative corporate website and user-friendly web app offering.

After the extensive conception and planning phase, the brand design implementation into the digital applications took place. Within defined sprints, atoms, molecules and basic modules were successively developed and embedded into the digital applications in an agile work process. The result is a complex yet clear interface design paired with a high level of user-friendliness.

Corporate website

The corporate website provides a quick overview of the company’s range of services. At the same time, the aim is to attract new users to the web app and encourage them to register. A permanently visible registration button acts as a CTA (Call To Action). The display of vehicles from current and future auctions creates an additional incentive. 

Brand Design in digitalen Kanälen – 1A Motorbid – Corporate Website – Web App – Digital – Screens Desktop – Mobile

Web App

The core of the company is the digital auction platform 1A Motorbid. Complex functions and extensive vehicle-specific information are optimally displayed via a responsive tiling system for all digital devices. The usability was constantly adapted through extensive testing during the beta phase and will be continuously optimised during the live phase. The modular interface concept allows for future expansion with new features.

In each conception and development step, the challenge was to provide the complex functions and content in an orderly manner and with a high level of user-friendliness, especially on mobile devices. The registration of new vehicles for upcoming auctions is made much easier by the mobile device.
Photographing the vehicle, marking any damage in schematic images or uploading the vehicle documents directly after taking a photo. In short: efficiency paired with high functionality. 

Brand Design in digitalen Kanälen – 1A Motorbid – Corporate Website – Web App – Digital – Screens Desktop – Mobile – Auktions – App

Interface Design

The basis of the new digital interface is based on the Atomic Design principle. From the development of the individual atoms to the final implementation in the digital offering, there was a constant agile review of the user experience. Material design principles were incorporated into the development of the interface design. A clear and comprehensible language of forms, good contrast values taking into account external light influences, or visual feedback during digital interactions are, among other things, formal components within this complex web app application.

1A Markenpositionierung – 1A Motorbid – Brand Identity – Interface Design – Visual – Auto – Fahrzeug – Digital
Brand Design in digitalen Kanälen – 1A Motorbid – Corporate Website – Brand Identity – Digital – Interface Design – Newsletter

Newsletter Template

Another sales tool of the 1A Motorbid Group is a newsletter, which informs about the continuous development of the auction platform. For this purpose, a newsletter template was developed and implemented. Within the corporate website, a sign-up function is provided in the footer.