The 1A brand positioning

1A Motorbid has set itself the goal of becoming a brand leader within its market segment. Tools and innovative auction solutions serve as a vehicle to set itself apart from the competition. On the basis of a monolithic brand architecture, a brand expansion is to take place in the medium term.

Taking the lead means leading the way

The market entry of a new brand in an established market segment requires a clear brand positioning including brand strategy. 1A Motorbid has set itself the goal of striving for market leadership. Intelligent sales strategies with progressive auction offers serve as operational instruments to achieve this goal.

1A Markenpositionierung – 1A Motorbid – Brand Identity – Interface Design – Visual – Auto – Fahrzeug – Digital

Development of a brand architecture taking into account subsequent vertical and horizontal brand extension

Umbrella brand

Umbrella brand



A new intergenerational digital offer for all B2B vehicle dealers.

Through 1A Motorbid, established vehicle dealers are provided with a new and simple digital sales tool to additionally support their sales. The next generation of B2B customers should also be introduced to the possibility of the digital sales process in order to use it more.

1A Motorbid thus aims to meet the demands of all market participants in the future. Marc Berger, CEO, 1A Motorbid Group: “We have created a platform that offers all dealers flexible tools to optimise buying and selling according to their needs.“

In March 2020, the idea matured to build up a company to make good things even better with a lot of auction experi-ence. Since the auction world has not developed noticeably in recent years, we felt that the used car market still had enough room to establish new marketing concepts.

Marc Berger
1A Motorbid Group