The goal: to consolidate and strategically expand market leadership

After an extensive analysis phase of the company, it quickly crystallised that only an evolutionary approach could be purposeful in the conception of the new corporate design guidelines. The task was to carefully optimise the visual brand core and at the same time introduce new design tools to meet the challenges of the future. The brand relaunch had to take this into account.

The solution: optimise the brand core and let the visual identity shine in a contemporary way

The solution: optimise the brand core and let the visual identity shine in a contemporary way. After more than 50 years, there was an urgent need to revise the Wesselmann Werbung corporate design. Harmonising the external perception in harmony with a sensitive and evolutionary further development of the brand was the top priority. The new design concept provides the necessary visual highlights.

The new image-word mark: Maintaining characteristics and guaranteeing optimal presentation for future applications

“Mobile first” is not a trend, but one of the currently most significant digital prerequisites. In addition to a high degree of user-friendliness, this means ensuring the best possible formal presentation of a company in all adequate communication channels. In the digital age, these are primarily the mobile presentation spaces. Picture-word marks must withstand the formal laws here. Posterity. Decodability. Readability.

Consolidate and strategically expand market leadership

The new corporate design reflects the sovereignty of the market leader. The new brand architecture enables an orderly horizontal and vertical expansion. Helpful tools such as the Wesselmann Manager App are the first examples of the new corporate strategy.