The new corporate design – the contemporary appearance of the market leader

In the first step, the picture-word mark was completely redrawn. Special attention was paid to optimal legibility in the smallest of display spaces. In future, the additive word mark will consist of two words – Wesselmann Werbung – and for the first time creates a comprehensible reference to the picture mark (WW). As a further core measure, the corporate colour orange was redefined. In future, it will appear more subdued and gain in value.

Wesselmann – Werbung – Wort – Bildmarke – früher – Zeitgemaeßes Corporate – Design – Marktführers
Wesselmann – Werbung – Wort – Bildmarke – neu – Zeitgemaeßes Corporate – Design – Marktführers

Old versus new figurative word mark

Colour world

Image world

The new Wesselmann imagery is striking, uncluttered and with a lot of space. Urbanity is a central pictorial metaphor. Large-scale portraits create a human counterweight to the anonymity of the big city. The accentuated addition of the corporate colour provides the necessary individual corporate touch and creates a high degree of corporate branding as a result.

The adaptation of the primary colour and its consistent use within all design parameters creates a high degree of independent visual identity in the future.


House font


The icon set developed exclusively for Wesselmann Werbung includes the requirement for a modern and intuitive interface design. Extensive in the illustrations – reduced and independent in the visual language

Linear illustrations

Formally technical in style, linear illustrations support the company’s new storytelling. With optional micro-motion design, they are ideal for making complex content easily accessible. In the context of digital communication channels, their minimal file size is another strength.

Wesselmann – Werbung – Werbeicons – Zeitgemaeßes Corporate – Design – Marktführers

Flat illustrations

As a further design tool, two-dimensional illustrations are introduced. Light surface gradients, controlled image noise and design compression elements – in the form of the logo – create a coherent and highly independent appearance.